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Ayurveda Day

Uttaranchal Hospital and Diagnostic Centre celebrated Ayurveda day on 10 November 2023, on the theme of “Ayurveda for one health.”

The celebration of Ayurveda day commenced with a spiritual and auspicious start as participants gathered for a traditional hawan and worship. This ancient Indian practice was aimed at purifying the mind, body, and spirit, setting the tone for a day filled with knowledge-sharing and interactive sessions on Ayurveda.

The day began with the sacred hawan ritual. The ceremony invoked the blessings of the gods and sought divine guidance for the healing journey ahead. The hospital staff, patients, and visitors joined in, chanting mantras and offering prayers, creating a powerful collective energy. Following the hawan, a solemn worship ceremony took place, honouring the deity associated with Ayurveda, Lord Dhanvantri, the divine physician.

The Ayurveda Day celebration at UHDC successfully created a sense of community and connection among patients, staff, and visitors. By embracing the spiritual essence of Ayurveda, the hospital fostered a culture of inclusivity and respect for diverse healing practices.

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